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Welcome to The Astrological Energy Healer

Hello, I'm Sam, The Astrological Energy Healer, Guide and Channel for Star Goddess Activations.

I am a Master EAM Mentor - one of only 3 worldwide. When you work with me, you have access to ALL my experience, knowledge and wisdom.

I combine Ascension Astrology, a system that combines the Ancient Art of Astrology with Psychology and Transformational Energy Techniques.

So that you can discover who YOU are, know yourself at the deepest level and unlock your full potential. 

Ascension Astrology is a step by step process that you can apply to EVERY area of your life that feels blocked or where you self-sabotage.

Available Products

FREE Pisces Super Moon Meditation

Pisces Super Moon, a FREE meditation to connect yourself with The Spiritual Listener.

Chakra Effortless Alignment Meditation Series

Enjoy effortless alignment of each of your Chakras with this insightful guide explaining the role of each Chakra and 7 beautiful meditations dedicated to balancing each one. Only £10

FREE Energy Signature Cleansing and Activation Ritual

This free energy signature cleansing and activation ritual will allow you to start each day at your highest vibration, attracting abundance and happiness for you and those around you.

FREE - Your Introduction to EAM

This FREE introduction to EAM will empower you to lift your energy to the highest vibration for a peaceful and joyous life.

Winter Solstice Meditation

This is a magical mystical time of year that is steeped in ancestral energy. The exact time of the Winter Solstice for London, United Kingdom is 03.27 on 21st December 2023.

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