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Astrology is the Energy of Possibility, your energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions
create your reality, harness both and live the life of your dreams.

When you know yourself on the deepest level, everything else falls into place. 

There are many ways you can work with me, it just depends on what you need.

  • VIP bespoke programmes - deep spiritual mentoring, transformative healing and energetic support specifically tailored to your needs. You will be held in a safe and nurturing space for the duration of your programme, which can be from 1 to 12 months.  This includes multiple 90 minute 1-1 sessions over Zoom with Voxer support between sessions. 

  • Group programmes - I hold the space for clients through a number of energetic group immersions throughout the year. These are planetary and energy aligned, allowing you to experience deep energetic shifts so that you can receive the very most from what the Universe has to offer you. You have my support throughout the entirety of the programme.

Just click on the button below and pop me an email, and we can chat about what is the next step for you.

  • 1-1 Natal Chart Readings - a 3 hour discovery over Zoom of how your unique planetary and zodiac energies at the time of your birth have influenced your life choices and how they will affect you in the future. This is followed up by a 60 minute energetic healing 1-1 session over Zoom.

  • Star Goddess Activations - I am the guide and channel for the Star Goddess Astrea and hold the sacred space for circle attendees during a 2 hour activation where I lead you through meditations and deep quantum healing. Each activation is divinely different depending on what planetary activity there is at the time. 

I offer lots of free resources so that you can start aligning your energy and raising your vibration.

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