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Free Guide - Pisces Super Moon Meditation

Now is the time to set yourself free from your energetic and emotional debris.

Now is the time to connect with the Spiritual Up-Leveller that is the Pisces Full Moon.

My biggest healing has been embracing my feminine energy in the form of my Pisces Moon.

This has enabled me to step into and own my spirituality and stand tall, shinning my light, unapologetically ME

To honour this will you allow me to give you a FREE present?

The Super Full Moon on 31st August at 2.35am (GMT) is divinely aligned for deep and powerful karmic healing.

This Super Moon is evoking the power of the Asteroid Goddesses, Pluto Lord of Karma and the Goddess Venus.

To receive a divinely guided FREE meditation and personal insight into this most powerful and rare cosmic occurrence, click the button below to gain access to my powerful meditation that will connect you to The Spiritual Listener.

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Pisces Super Moon

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Pisces Super Moon

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