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Living by the Moon, Manifesting Goddesses

Inside Living By The Moon, you will discover:

  • How to work with your personal New Moon Power Portal, even more potent than the New Moon in the heavens. 

  • How to use each cycle of the Moon to create more ease and flow in your life (new training) 

  • How to make that personal to your life and energy blueprint, planning events, outings and down time in sync with your natural ebb and flow. No more pushing through and ending up depleted and drained. (new training) 

  • Monthly community group lives taking you through the energetic healing and up-levelling the New Moon in the Heavens instigates as the Dark of the Moon triggers a healing of your Shadow Self each month. 

It is this that will collapse the blocks and old outdated energetic identity that will stand in your way of quantum level manifesting. 

Connecting with your Feminine Essence and activating your Divine Masculine energy will make your life richer and more vibrant than you can imagine, the power of the planets in your back pocket and my intuitive guidance by your side is the gift that keeps on giving.

This is a lifetime access programme.

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