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Empowered Masterclass 2024


Unlock Your Personal Potential in the
Astrological Year Ahead 

5 Day Energy Immersion



You will discover:

  • How to get your Inner Boardroom on your side, taking action on your hearts desire becomes easy, you make decisions quickly, the voice in your head cheers you on, you say YES to MORE Love, Money and Freedom.

  • How to have complete confidence in your ability to ride the ebb and flow of life, mastery of your energetic vibration is the key to personal empowerment freedom and success.

  • The self-confidence and self-belief that comes from knowing who you are, how you tick, your strengths and weakness.


Inspiring ideas land…
excitement builds…decisions are made…

Action taken…results celebrated…job done! 

This is Your New Normal 

This event is Divinely Timed with

The Spring Equinox

Plant the energetic seeds for the year ahead using
AstroEnergetics Manifesting Rituals
for a bumper harvest in the coming months

 The Mercury Chiron Conjunction in Aries

 Heal Soul Wounds and re-write your internal narrative, bringing your Soul Gifts
to the world and make the difference you are here to make.

Venus Saturn Conjunction in Pisces

Your Heart Energy (Venus) is the battery pack for the Law of Attraction

Saturn is the Planet of Structure and Reality

We will tap into the resonance of both these planets so you can take
concrete steps to make your dreams a reality

Mars enters Pisces

When you embrace your emotional current and are
led by your intuition magic happens

Collapse the blocks to rock solid self-trust, gain courage
and the power of self-directed action


Our time together looks like: 

Tuesday 19th March at 7pm GMT

Wednesday 20th March 8pm GMT 

Thursday 21st March 7pm GMT

Friday 22nd March 7pm GMT

**Bonus session Saturday 23rd 10am GMT**

All live calls will be on Zoom and streamed into the private Facebook Group.
Replays will be available inside the Facebook Group only. 

Meet your Guide

Sam is the visionary behind AstroEnergetics™ a fusion of contemporary science, psychology, transformative energy methods, and the ancient wisdom of astrology.

She is a Master EAM mentor and Channel for Star Goddess Activations.

Sam simplifies and demystifies energy therapy and astrology without diluting their transformational power and effect. 

With Sam in your corner and the power of the planets in your back pocket you can find the freedom within yourself to become the person you are meant to be.

Follow the Sun, Moon and Stars, alongside your own inner guidance system so you can Live More, Be More and Have More. 

Sam’s unwavering belief is that self-discovery at its deepest level holds the key to a happy and successful life. She invites you to dive into a world where spirituality meets practicality, and empowerment knows no bounds.

People who have worked with Sam have said:

"Sam's knowledge and expertise, her intuition and gentleness at guiding you is extraordinary."

"A pleasure to work with you Sam. Your energy was open, welcoming and non-judgemental.
I felt listened to and that you shed light
on certain things/words I said. You revealed my blind spots which is a real gift."

"Your coaching and support have been insightful and invaluable to me. I have felt that your style of
teaching and the wisdom you impart really resonate with me, and the way you deliver it is magical."

"Sam is an exceptional and experienced coach who is deeply intuitive, receptive , warm and can
99% of the time listen to you with a finger on your energy unlike anyone I know."

Are you ready to co-create your life with my guidance?

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