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Moon Day Live 2024

Discover your Personal Power Portal 

Quantum Leap your Manifesting 

With Samantha Selby and AstroEnergetics™

Yes Please

Your Investment £168

(instalments available)

The Moon and Your Feminine Energy is

Your Super Power

When you have the Power of the Planets 

In your Back Pocket 

Your Whole Life gets Easier

Keep what you manifest and create

The numbers in your bank account rise, your business/work success is
NOT at the cost of your relationships. 

You really can have it all! 

Your capacity to hold is multiplied - you have more CHOICE 

The villa holiday instead of the 4 star hotel, the Michellin starred restaurant instead of the local pub. 

You choose to buy from Aldi because they have what you want, rather than having too. 

Yes Please

A better mum

means you listen to and have more time for your kids because you have prioritised YOU first.
You pour from a FULL cup

A better partner

means you have more open and honest conversations instead of sulking and slamming doors.
Communication really is the key to respectful, loving relationships, neither of you are mind readers!

 A better colleague

means you feel less stressed at work, able to respond to demands rather than react.
No more crying in the toilet, you hold your own in meetings, a pay rise becomes automatic rather than wishful thinking

 A better business owner

 you have time and money boundaries in place, you are paid well, because YOU recognise your worth, over-giving a thing of the past you actually get MORE time with your loved ones rather than less.

 A better person

 you totally accept yourself, you are happy in your own skin, life happens, but you roll with the punches rather than falling flat on your face 

This is how we will roll…

 A warm welcome with tea and coffee and a hug if you need one 

Session One 

Discover how to work with the Cycles of the Moon and your Energetic Resonance,
you get s**t done, with less stress, more time for YOU and your loved ones

Tea break for hot drinks and snacks (dietary requirements catered for) 

Session Two 

Your Quantum Window of Opportunity and Possibility revealed.
This is the period of time each year when you have the potential to supercharge your success.
We will also identify and collapse the blocks that can get in the way of creating the life you desire. 

Delicious lunch with locally sourced nutritious food 

Session Three 

Activate your Intuition, Faith, Trust and Certainty become your middle names. 
You make the most of every opportunity, saying Yes when you would have said No.

Tea break for hot drinks and snacks 

Session Four 

Your Purpose and Soul Gifts Activated, when you know who you are, why you are here and what you committed
(on a Soul Level) to do, life gets a whole lot easier. 

(the order of these sessions may be subject to change on the day)

Yes Please

Join me for this life changing day and experience more connection, more purpose and more balance in your life.

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