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October 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

October 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


October 6th 
All of the Mercury Made Me Do It T-shirt wearers usually rejoice at this news, however, Mercury will be opposite Neptune the planet of illusion, veils and your connection with everything you cant see. So things may feel a bit misty for a while. Although this can also offer messages from other realms so pay attention to your dreams. 

Imagine walking through your life blindfolded, in order to intuitively perceive what is around you, you have to really listen, so use this energy to really listen to what you are being told. This will be a great time to meditate or connect with your guides. 

October 9th Full Moon in Aries and Pluto Stationing Direct 
The Full Moon will be conjunct the Wounded Healer Chiron making this one of the most emotionally healing Full Moons of the year. 

Aries is the energy of your inner child and the warrior, Chiron in ancient myths and legends trained all the great warriors. His own self-healing enabled him bring the best out in his charges, he taught them war-fare, but also self-discipline, healing, compassion and courage. 

Chiron is here to heal humanity and when he wears his Arian clothes it is the wound of identity he is offering his soothing medicine too. 

This Full Moon can feel intense and emotional; however Venus will be in her own sign of Libra so is in full strength. 

Imagine the Goddess of Love pouring a vase of golden liquid upon the stormy waters erupting from the depths of your soul. 

9th October Pluto stations direct in Capricorn
You will already be feeling this energy because Pluto is an outer planet. When an outer planet changes direction the ripples can be felt far and wide. 

Imagine an ocean liner changing course, at first, she doesn’t appear to be moving; she sails at such a sedate speed. 

Until you measure her against a landmark on the horizon. It is only then that you can evaluate her progress. 

Just like the mega ocean-going tankers, Pluto energy will create not just ripples in the surface but huge swells beneath. 

Think of the debris at the bottom of your metaphorical sea bed being dislodged, with the resulting tsunami of emotions, thoughts and feelings surfacing. 

But please don’t despair, Pluto is here to purge and purify, after the storm has subsided it will feel as if you have been washed clean, 

Pluto only releases what is no longer in alignment, so you can make space for new ideas, emotions and actions. 

If you do feel “all at sea” remember you can clear all of this energy using EAM the Energy Alignment Method I use with all my VIP clients. 

Ping me a message you would like to know more about this transformation technique and how I can guide you through the ups and downs of life. 

October 11th Mercury enters Libra 
Mercury leaves one of his signs of rulership, Virgo and is beginning to speed up out of the shadow phase that follows all Mercury retrograde periods. 

Mercury is accelerating away from the influence of Neptune who has been sitting opposite him. 

Imagine the veils of misty introspection lifting as your mind gains a renewed clarity, ideas can now come into form and you can begin to flesh them out. 

I don't know about you, but some clarity will be much appreciated! 

October 22nd Venus conjunct the Sun in Libra AND Juno turning direct 
This is an eagerly awaited Venus Starpoint, the Sun and Venus come together in their eternal dance across the heavens.

This has the sense of “full moon” energy because it marks the mid-point in our current Venus cycle that began at the beginning of the year in the sign of Capricorn. 

This is a REALLY important transit; it was under the light of the first Venus Starpoint energy that Star Goddess Activations were born along with the Venus Energy Immersion. 

At the same time Juno the Goddess of Commitment and Unity, the energy you use to stay in a relationship is transitioning direct. 

It's obviously divine timing because inside the Goddess Immersion, my group experience to intentionally align to the juiciness of Goddess Energy we are currently working with Juno

I couldn't have timed this better if I tried! 

This is activating your receiving and attracting energy (Venus) AND your keeping and maintaining energy (Juno). 

What have you struggled to keep in the past? Money, time (it always disappears and you seem to run out if it) love? 

This is the energy to heal your deserving wound, so you can keep everything you attract. 

October 23rd Sun enters Scorpio and so does Venus AND Saturn turns direct!
Happy birthday to all you Scorpios! 

The purpose of Scorpio energy is to take you deeper than you have ever been before. 

Words and energy associated with Scorpio are: magic, shamanism, security, power, empowerment, masks (Halloween!) alchemy, probing, relentless, searching, extremes, cryptic, secrets, concealment, suppression, immensity, healing, destruction and transformation, instinctual, tenacious provocative, protective, magical and healing. 

Scorpio season is the time when decay appears to be all around us, the leaves fall from the trees, 

the is ground wet and mulchy, 

the plants in your garden have died back and things are rotting. 

However, it is through this process that new life will have the energy to spring forth. 

Scorpio energy is essential for you to experience, so you can let go of the dead wood and transform your life from within. 

Venus has been quite happy skipping lightly through Libra  but because she is currently hand in hand with the Sun she is being led into the darker more intense depths of Scorpio. 

This is not a bad thing, Venus will survive! She will don her Scorpio cloak and invite you to become more passionate and intense so you can go deeper into what your heart truly desires. 

Now because this is Scorpio we are talking about; things may get a little intense. Your emotional self may feel all the feels. 

It is important to anchor yourself and hold onto a semblance of emotional honesty. 

Check that what may appear to be your heart desire is not rooted in the emotions of resentment, fear or in a need to maintain power. 

For example, my heart’s desire is the biggest house, with oodles of land and no neighbours. 

The fears that are fuelling this dream are rooted in a need to show you have money and power so others can’t take it away from you and no neighbours because you fear being spied upon. 

Like Pluto, Saturn is a slower moving outer planet and so any planetary stations that they experience can feel powerful, just like a pressure cooker that needs to let off steam. 

This will be activating the Saturn Uranus square that has been rambling onb for the last year. 

When Saturn is retrograde he is digging his heels in, now Saturn changes his mind about a course of action and his direction. 

 And so might you. 

This may be felt socially and collectively because Saturn is a social planet and Uranus is a collective planet. 

But depending on your chart this can also feel very personal. 

The degree you need to pay attention to is 18 degrees Aquarius. Or 18 degrees in Taurus, Leo or Scorpio 

October 25th Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio 
Yah!!!! We are in eclipse season again. 

The Universe is sending you a message to make a course correction. Imagine the Universe ringing a bell whose beautiful chime only you can hear. 

This bell is calling your soul home, so you can walk its pathway and ascend to the next level on the continuous spiral of your soul’s journey. 

It is South Node Eclipse; its purpose is to release karmic attachments and initiate new beginnings. 

Venus will be conjunct the Eclipse so this is a healing of your heart, a re-birth of your heart. 

What karmic contracts connected to love and relationships are about to be released?  

Be curious and open to all possibilities. 

October 28th Jupiter enters Pisces 
Jupiter is currently retrograde and so is re-visiting old themes, so you can tie up loose ends. 

Imagine decorating a room from scratch, you leave it, live with it and then go back in with the awareness of how it is working for your family. 

Now you know what works and what doesn’t. 

It could be a case of plumping up the cushions or you need brand new lamps or even to replace that settee because it just doesn’t do the job.

This is Jupiter’s role as he goes back into Pisces

What needs tweaking in the area of your life that Pisces’s rules? 

October 29th Mercury enters Scorpio 
Mercury is asking you to have meaningful deep and intensive conversations so you can create more intimate connections. 

This is the time for honesty with yourself and others. 

A really good time to start deep healing work of your mind. 

October 31st Mars goes Retrograde in Gemini
This is one of the most important transits of the year and will last until January 12th 2023. 

Your action energy is going into reverse, this can feel very push-me-pull-me because life wants to move you forward, but the planet of action, passion and drive has slipped into reverse gear. 

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the actions you have taken in the past and to re-think what lights a fire in your belly. 

Is it time to review what you are passionate about? Maybe your inner fire has gone out? 

Is it time to consider a new direction.  

In the famous words of Take That and Lulu it is time to “relight my fire.”


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