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The Power of Possibility, Be Guided by the Stars

Unlock and Activate your Personal Potential in 2024

You will leave with the inner confidence that 2024 is YOUR year for more love and laughter, peace and prosperity, and feel able to take intuitive, aligned action. 

Astrology is the Energy of Possibility

Your Energy creates Your Reality 

Master Both and Live the Life of your Dreams

Over the course of 3 deeply transformational days, you will discover:

  • The biggest energetic blocks that create stagnation and procrastination, and how to dissolve them, fulfilment and achievement become your new normal.

  • How to collapse repeating patterns of hoping it will be OK followed by disappointment that it’s still the same…

  • How your experience of nurture and love as a child has expanded or contracted the ease in which you receive.

  • How to anchor your newfound confidence and trust in your future.

  • The 12 stage process of transformation that leads to soul and human level evolution.

  • How to heal your Worth Wounds®, your personal magnetism on fire, more money, time, love and connection flow into your life.

Imagine what can happen when you embody your limitless capacity and creative potential…

    The financial freedom to upgrade your holiday accommodation, hello villa in the sun, Fridays become your fun day, all about you.

    Imagine what can happen when you are the best version of you, in all areas of your life…

    Your relationships are unrecognisable, no more button pushing, from slamming doors and the silent treatment to open, honest heartfelt conversations because you know you

    Your boundaries are in place, honoured and respected. Effortless sales in your business or well deserved promotion with the pay packet to match. 

    Imagine what total trust in you and your ability to manifest and create your reality will bring…

    A new house or relationship? A totally aligned job offer with all the perks?

    Unlock the Hidden Potential of the most important planetary movements in 2024

    Harness your inner starlight, be the best version of you in ALL areas of your life. 


    Ricocheting from one crisis to another, feeling broadsided and overwhelmed by life events becomes a thing of the past.

    Knowledge and Energetic Mastery is your Key to Personal Empowerment opening doors to your Aligned Life.

    When is this FREE 3 day event taking place?

    • Saturday 25th November at 10am
    • Monday 27th November at 8pm
    • Wednesday 29th November at 8pm
    • **Bonus session on Saturday 2nd December at 10am**

    All live calls will be on Zoom and streamed into the private Facebook Group. Replays will be available. 

    Prize draw to win an energy activation and blueprint VIP session with me! 

    Meet your Guide

    Sam is the visionary behind Ascension Astrology, a fusion of contemporary science, psychology, transformative energy methods, and the ancient wisdom of astrology. She is a Master EAM mentor and Channel for Star Goddess Activations.

    Her unique ability lies in simplifying and demystifying energy therapy and astrology without diluting its transformational power and effect. 

    Through divine guidance, she serves as a mentor, educator, and guide to women spiritual entrepreneurs seeking to reveal, heal and activate both their masculine and feminine energies. The result? More peace, joy, prosperity, and stability in their lives. Aligned action alongside quantum level receiving.

    Her passion is exploring feminine energy signatures enabling her clients to abandon and release years of destructive ancestral energetic patterns, so that the same patterns are not passed onto their children.

    By studying her clients’ natal charts, Sam uses her finely tuned intuition to uncover exactly what patterns are present, what needs to be explored and the pathway to the root cause.Sam’s unwavering belief is that self-discovery at its deepest level holds the key to a happy and successful life.

    She invites you to dive into a world where spirituality meets practicality, and empowerment knows no bounds.

    People who have joined my events and programmes have said:

    "Sams knowledge and expertise, her intuition and gentleness at guiding you is extraordinary."

    "A pleasure to work with you Sam. Your energy was open, welcoming and non-judgemental. I felt listened to and that you shed light on certain things/words I said. You revealed my blind spots which is a real gift."

    "Your coaching and support have been insightful and invaluable to me. I have felt that your style of teaching and the wisdom you impart really resonate with me, and the way you deliver it is magical."

    "Sam is an exceptional and experienced coach who is deeply intuitive, receptive , warm and can 99% of the time listen to you with a finger on your energy unlike anyone I know."

    Are you ready to step inside my 3 day energetic up-levelling?

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