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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide October 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

October 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


October brings two powerful eclipses when we shift from the Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis. What do I have (Taurus) compared with what can I share and co-create with others (Scorpio) becomes, who am I (Aries) compared with how do I relate to others (Libra).

We are all learning the importance of our own identity, in order to create an aligned partnership (Libra) you have to know who you are first.

1st October - Venus, Juno and Black Moon Lilith Conjunction 22° 23° 29° Leo

These powerful Goddess have been dancing together for the last couple of weeks in the sovereign sign of Leo. The sign that invites you to be courageous, to feel pride in yourself and what you create, Leo is about unapologetically shinning your light.

Venus is the Goddess of Love, Attraction and Money, she is the magnetism of your heart energy and is the energy you use to attract what you want.

Juno is the Goddess of Unity and Connection; she is about feeling deserving and keeping what you have.

Black Moon Lilith, the Wild Woman, is your personal power, standing up for what you believe in, trusting in yourself and your feminine power.

When you embrace your Goddess Energy you activate your divine feminine energy, tipping the balance from a masculine approach that can lead to overwhelm, burnout, isolation and loneliness, towards, feeling capable calm and collected.

This creates an embodied sense of connection and true belief in your own personal power.

Imagine standing in a room full of your peers, your head held high, in your power, knowing you have as much right as anyone else to be there. Your confidence and self-belief radiating outwards, a halo of golden light that tells the world you are the Queen, Leader and Ruler of your life.

This is the energy that is influencing the area of your chart (house) that the last few degrees of Leo cover.

Are you saying YES to your Inner Goddess? If not why not? 

6th October - Mercury enters Libra

Mercury has just completed his latest retrograde period (there are 3 or 4 a year) in Virgo. This may have created some stickiness, a sense of not being able to make decisions, especially in the area of your chart ruled by Virgo.

Mercury casting off his detailed, perfectionist cloak, this is why it has been hard to make a choice, Mercury in Virgo has to get it completely right.

When retrograde, Mercury asks you to think again and then think again! Creating a million “what ifs” and a bundle of indecision.

Mercury in Libra is about creating balance in your communication, being thoughtful, diplomatic and tactful.

Libra is a cardinal initiating sign, its goal is to move things forwards, to come up with ideas, to initiate conversations and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Now is the time to make those decisions you have been putting off.

When starting a conversation or negotiation during this time, imagine you are on the receiving end of your words, how would you feel?

A change in tone or delivery can make all the difference to how your words will be received and then acted upon. 

10th October - Venus enters Virgo

Venus has spent the last 4 months dancing back and forwards in Leo. She has been initiating an intense healing of your heart energy, the energy that you use to draw things towards you, the energy that you use to relate to the world around you.

You may have felt this most intensely in the area of your chart ruled by Leo.

Venus in Leo has asked you if you are worth it. Remember those Loreal commercials with Jennifer Aniston flicking her hair? That is Venus in Leo.

She has invited you to be shiny, to celebrate your fabulousness, to feel pride in yourself and to have the confidence to stand tall, head held high.

Venus has cast off her shiny golden princess cloak, she has learnt that her value matters and what it feels like to be worshipped as the total Queen that she is.

She is now taking her inner worthiness and putting it to good use.
 She is recognising that she has earned it and is willing to use her new found confidence to serve her subjects in a practical down to earth and humble way. 

11th October - Pluto Stations Direct 27° Capricorn

Pluto is a planet of great intensity; it is the planet of transformation and regeneration. Pluto is Lord of the Underworld and is known as the Great Transformer.

My very first astrology teacher described Pluto as a steam roller that is coming through whether you like it or not! If you resist Pluto it will hurt, you will be squashed beneath his unrelenting power. If you surrender, (this is what he is ultimately teaching us all) it will be less painful.

You can then rise from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix, another symbol of Pluto.

Which would you choose? A squashed fly or a mythical bird flying high on golden wings?

As a slow-moving outer planet, when Pluto changes direction the energy is stronger and more intense than usual. You may experience this as long buried memories surfacing, emotions bubbling up that you thought you has suppressed long ago.

It might feel deeply uncomfortable initially, however, the reason this is happening is so you can let them go, so you can release yourself from the chains of the past and step forward into your future.

Pluto purifies and highlights what is dead and decaying, shinning a light on what is out of alignment so you can create space within your life and energy for something new.

The Universe does not tolerate a vacuum, so I suggest you make the most of the coming New Moon and Eclipse on the 14th October to power up your intentions and manifesting.

Tell the Universe what you want to fill that space with and watch the magic happen! This will be more powerful for you if you have planets or angles in the final degrees of a sign. 

13th October - Mars enters Scorpio

Mars LOVES being in Scorpio, it is his home sign, imagine him punching the air with delight and intention because he gets to spend the next 6 weeks exactly where he wants to be.

When Mars is wearing his Scorpio cloak, he is dark and mysterious, intense and passionate, assertive and direct. Mars loves working towards something, a goal, a destination, a target.

Mars is symbolised by an arrow and is giving you the impetuous, the desire and the will power to be relentless, to pierce through obstacles or dive beneath the surface.

To go where no one has gone before so he can conquer and transform whatever is standing in your way of achieving your goal or reaching your destination.

This will be a great time to decide on a goal in the area of your chart ruled by Scorpio and to harness the power of Mars to get it done.

Mars the tall, dark, handsome, mysterious super hero (I imagine him as Batman, the Dark Knight) is here to rescue you from procrastination and avoidance, do you want him by your side, my hand goes up straight away does yours? 

14th October - New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra

This is a South Node Eclipse heralding a powerful reset that will act as a catalyst for endings. The South Node represents your comfort zone, it carries imprinting from past lives when you have not only mastered the energy of a sign, you have also slipped into the shadow side of its expression.

The mastery of Libra is the ability to cooperate with diplomacy and tact, selflessness, giving support without the expectation of receiving anything back and an embedded sense of your own identity.

The shadow side is being Mr or Mrs Nice because of a fear of not being liked/wanted/loved, tit for tat behaviour, dissolving into another person, absolving yourself of all personal responsibility and co-dependence.

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn and quincunx Uranus in Taurus and is the second in the series that will highlight the Aries/Libra axis which will be active until March 2025.

This axis is teaching all of us to be independent, to discover who you truly are and in doing so forge new (or recalibrate old) relationships that are energetically aligned.

Mercury is your mind, how you make sense of the world objectively and how you communicate. Pluto is the Lord of Karma, ruler of the Underworld and uncovers your energetic debris that has settled in the hidden recesses of your memory, Uranus can bring the unexpected to light.

A quincunx describes the interaction between two planets that have nothing in common, they are not best friends (trine or sextile) on the other side of the debating table (oppositions), but they have to find a way to work together. If these planets trigger any of your personal planets it could bring about unexpected or out of character emotional responses to situations around the time of the eclipse.

The key to understanding and working with this energy is to ask yourself what you are really afraid of, what is underneath the fear you think has triggered the unexpected response.

New Moons are usually about setting intentions to activate the manifesting energy that the Moon offers, however this New Moon’s real power is its ability to initiate a purging of what has been hidden from view, so you have the energetic capacity to receive more of your heart’s desire.

20th October - Sun conjunct Mercury 26° Libra

This conjunction marks the mid-point of the current Mercury cycle. It is a great time to use your intellect, to write a speech or presentation, to negotiate a deal or lay the groundwork for a powerful collaboration.

Pluto creates a square and offers his intensity and power to create transformation making this an excellent window to deliver a message that encourages others to rise like the phoenix from the flames. You will thank me for the Robbie Williams ear worm…

23rd and 24th October - Mercury and the Sun enter Scorpio

Mercury is the first to dash into the passionate depths of Scorpio closely followed by the Sun, Scorpio season is here!

Scorpio wants to bring meaning to everything, it is not interested in the mundane, the superficial or the face value. Mercury in Scorpio demands focus, sharp intellect and a desire to uncover hidden thoughts and beliefs.

You know the ones that you don’t like to admit even to yourself? Mercury in Scorpio will shine a light into the darkness until you can’t avoid acknowledging they exist.

Remember that the worst and most damaging lie is the one that you tell yourself.

This is the perfect time of the year to have honest, deep vulnerable and open conversations with yourself and those around you.

It is the best time to get to the root cause of behavioural patterns, thoughts and beliefs that ultimately cause you stress anxiety and overwhelm.

It is the best time to start a self-reflection practice or deeply transformational energy healing or therapy. 

28th October - Full Moon and Eclipse at 5° Taurus

This is a North Node eclipse, opening a gateway into your soul aligned purpose and future, cutting ties with karma from your past.

Jupiter will be in conjunction with the Full Moon adding his considerable weight and influence.
He is the largest planet in our solar system and offers optimism and confidence that you can have all that you want and desire.

Taurus is a sensual sign, it is practical and earthy, ruled by the Goddess Venus.

Over this transit consider what your visions and dreams for the future really look like? Are they practical and will they give you comfort, safety and security?

On the other side of the zodiac wheel sit Mercury and Mars, the Trickster God who can travel to all realms and the God of War, the passionate hero that gives us all the courage to take action.

How will your grand ideas and dreams be affected by what others think and do? How will your dreams affect them? The opposition is asking you to consider all possible outcomes.

Venus the ruler of Taurus and therefore the ruler of this eclipse, is creating a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus and Pluto. Help is on hand from the outer planets, the movers and shakers of the Universe.

The Earth energy they are offering will bring tangible solidity and support you to lay the foundations that your dreams will be built upon.

The Goddesses are also stepping up to support Lady Moon. Lilith and Juno are conjunct and offering the hand of friendship in a trine whilst Vesta forms a sextile with the Full Moon.

Personal empowerment (Lilith) standing tall in your Queen energy showing yourself and others compassion so you can create unity and connection (Juno) whilst activating your sacred sexuality the seat of all your manifesting power (Vesta) will be the wind beneath your wings (you will thank me for the ear worm…) so you can fly higher and dream bigger. 

30th October Mercury conjunct Mars 12° Scorpio

Mercury (thoughts, intellect) conjunct Mars (passion, action) is decisive, determined and will push through no matter what. Mercury and Mars in Scorpio create the detective of the Zodiac with a piercing lasered approach that won’t take no for an answer.

You can use this energy to give you some added oomph to face complex challenges head on. Now is the time to take bold action in the area of your life represented by the house ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart.

I hope you embrace the personal empowerment that October is offering with two eclipses and the Sun moving into Scorpio.


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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