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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide November 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

November 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


November has it all!

  • Eclipse energy and universal course corrections
  • Scorpio and the dark power of transformation 
  • Sagittarius the Visionary and Uranus the Lightbringer

4th-7th November 2022 – Venus, Sun, Mercury Conjunct South Node in Scorpio
Scorpio is the sign of transformation, it is dark magic, (not bad magic) it is intense and powerful. 

The Sun is vitality, consciousness, masculine energy, Mercury is the mind, thoughts communication, Venus is heart energy, love and relationships. The South Node is the Soul Pathway that you have already walked

Scorpio is deep water, still water, bottomless water. Scorpio’s role is to plumb your emotional depths. 

This energy will push you to face your biggest fear, to remind you who you really are and what really matters to you.

You are not the same person you were a year ago, 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. 

Your values, thoughts and beliefs have changed as your life has changed. 

This is about recognising what has surfaced over the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse, what you are being guided to let go of. What emotions have risen from the depths so you can let them go? 

South Node energy is not just about releasing karmic debt, it is also about recognising the gifts of your past lives, the skills talents and resources that you may have forgotten about or not even realised you had. 

8th November 2022 – Full Moon and North Node Total Lunar Eclipse In Taurus
This is very intense energy. 

The Moon and the Eclipse will be conjunct Uranus, opposite Mercury with Saturn creating a square with both. 

Full Moon in Taurus is a culmination energy, a birthing, bringing to the surface all that was dislodged from your emotional depths at the New Moon in Scorpio.

It is a North Node eclipse meaning it is a forward-facing energy exerting a magnetic pull on your soul to take you out of your comfort zone. 

Uranus the light bringer will shake things up by delivering the unexpected, often at lightening speed. 

From the Universes perspective an eclipse is a time of alignment, it is from our perspective here on Earth that it feels uncomfortable. 

Eclipse’s speed everything up and bring things to a head. If something has been bubbling under the surface or in the background for a while, eclipse energy will drag it into your conscious awareness and make you face it head on. 

Eclipses are course corrections, let go of any fear of change, open your heart and mind to the energy of possibility and once the dust has settled you will see that whatever has happened is a key part of the next level of your soul evolution. 

Saturn, The Great Teacher is observing all of this change with his age-old eyes and energy. His role is to bring a reality check, to make it all real. This may feel as if you have been pulled up short, or some restrictions or limits have been applied to your ideas or what you want. Let go of the emotions that are triggered within you if you feel as if your wings have bene clipped and ask yourself, how can I make this easy?

Saturn is not here to make it hard for you, he is here to ensure you do the right thing based on your current values and beliefs. 

8th November 2022 – Sun Conjunct Mercury Opposite Uranus
On the day of the Eclipse, we also have the Sun and Mercury coming together at 16 degrees Scorpio also opposite Uranus. 

Sun and Mercury conjunctions are important in the Mercury cycle. Imagine that Mercury is given a a shot in the arm, the turbo button is pushed in an already speeding race car. Mercury is the fastest moving planet on our solar system (apart from the Moon). 

Mercury is the messenger, taking information from place to place, telling stories, delivering news and insights. 

Scorpio is the sign of secrets, the detective energy that keeps going until it gets to the bottom of things. 

Uranus brings the unexpected, out of this world aha’s and revelations. 

This can happen on a global scale but also personal if you have planets that are 16 degrees in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius. 

Mercury is about your perception, what you think, how your brain works, your view of something may change or you might see a different solution to problem that has been bugging you. 

Be curious over this transit, notice your thoughts, are they open, expansive, what if thoughts or worry based, limited thoughts? You have the power to change your thoughts, which will change your reality, what thoughts will you choose to have? 

17th -18th November 2022 – Venus And Mercury Enter Sagittarius
First Mercury and then Venus throw of their cloaks of Scorpio energy, the dark intensity, the sign of transformation is loosening its hold on the planets of communication, your mind (Mercury) and your heart, love and relating (Venus). 

Scorpios role is to create change at a cellular level. 

Think of the leaves on the trees that danced in the sunlight in the spring and summer creating a canopy of vibrant green. They absorbed the power of the Sun and enabled the tree they grew from to grow taller, reaching higher and higher taking up more and more space, its roots delving deeper and deeper into the Earth embedding its presence in this world. 

In Scorpio season the leaves first changed colour, then detached themselves from the tree, gently floating down to the ground. The cellular change continued as they began to rot eventually turning to nutrient rich mulch that is absorbed by the roots of the tree and all the other plants animals and insects that thrive in the forest. 

Mercury and Venus have dug down deep, your mind and heart energy have undergone the latest round of transformation, now it is time for them to pull on their Sagittarius costumes with a renewed sense of optimism. 

Open your heart and mind all the possibilities that await, Sagittarius energy is asking you to raise your head and look to the horizon, you have done the dirty work, now it’s time to have some fun, you are alive and the future is yours for the taking…

20th -23rd 2022 – Mercury Conjunct Venus in Sagittarius
Mercury and Venus will dance hand in hand across the heavens, this will specifically affect the part of your chart that contains between 4 and 8 degrees Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius brings a sense of expansion, optimism and freedom. 

Imagine your heart and mind filled with the most gorgeous hues, all the colours of the rainbow. Your heart filled with love and joy, your thoughts are open-minded and filled with possibility and dreams. 

This transit would be a great time to start a Joy Jar. Write down all the things you are grateful for, they little (and big) things that you love about your life, that make your heart sing. The colour of the sky, the sound of children playing in the distance, the drumming of rain on the window or your Nan’s voice when she answers the phone. 

This would be a great time to feel into expanding our opening up to new possibilities in the area of your life influenced by 4-8 degrees Sagittarius 

22nd  November 2022 – Sun Enters Sagittarius
The Sun in Sagittarius brings the energy of optimism. Now is the time to begin to dream, to consider your visions for next year. 

This is a great time to plan a holiday, start to think about the next level of expansion in your business 

23rd November 2022 – New Moon In Sagittarius and Jupiter turns direct 
New Moon at 1° Sagittarius and Jupiter turns direct at 28 degrees Pisces 

This is a truly open and expansive New Moon. 

Jupiter and Lady Moon are best buddies, they are here to make your dreams come true. 

You are the captain of your ship, you create your reality, your beliefs create the frame work your life is contained in. 

These two planets are reminding you that the world is your oyster, you can have all that you desire. 

Believe in magic and magic happens, this is the most auspicious New Moon of the year, so make those New Moon wished count.


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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