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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide May 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

May 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


May is all set up to be the most grounded and earthy month of this year because by the time we have the New Moon in Taurus on 20 th May there will be a stellium (lots) of planets in Taurus. The North Node, Vesta, Mercury, Sun and Moon will all be dressed in their Taurean finery.

We also have two Goddesses moving signs at the beginning of the month, it’s not so much “the boys are back in town” (you will thank me for that earworm!) the girls are making themselves heard…

Why is this important? Why do we need the earth energy of Taurus and what is it offering

The purpose of Earth energy is to create stability, promote growth, to embed, to sustain. Earth energy follows fire energy, fire energy sparks things off, it initiates and inspires, Earth energy sustains, it builds, it creates.

Last month we had the inspiring, initiating energy of Aries, this month Taurus takes those sparks and encourages them to burn in a steady, determined, productive way. If human kind only had sparks, the food we eat would never be cooked in the middle. Blowing steadily on these sparks creates a slow burn that sees things through, the initiating
energy becomes fixed and in doing so creates even more value.

A raw lump of meat, all red and bloody? Or a juicy steak that has been marinated and cooked slowly, tender and nourishing, melt in the mouth deliciousness. (sorry, all you vegans/vegetarians, but I hope you get the picture) I know which one I would choose.

Now is the time to embrace the tenacity, determination, steady, resourceful power of the
Bull and the Master Builder that is Taurus Energy.

What are you building this month and how can the planets support you to create more value and beauty, all themes for the month ahead?

2nd May Sun Conjunct Mercury 11 degrees Taurus.
This is the beginning of the next Mercury cycle which will last for 4 months. This is similar to a New Moon, a beginning energy. But, don’t start things now, think about it, have the ideas between now and 15 th May and once Mercury stations direct you can put those ideas into action.

This conjunction asks you to be true to who you are (your identity, Sun) to value yourself (Taurus) and to use your intellect to discover the way forward.

2nd May Juno enters Gemini
Juno is the Goddess of Unity, the Divine Consort. She is the Goddess of Relationships and was worshipped by the underdog, abused mothers and children. Gemini energy is connective, it joins the dots. Juno wants you to see the beauty in the art of communication.

She invites you to open up your communication energy, to have those chats that you have been putting off. She asks for honesty and shows you where you can come together to discover unity out of diversity.

3nd May Pallas moves into Leo
Pallas Athena was born out of her father’s head, she is the Warrior Goddess of Wisdom, Weaving and Healing.
Leo is creative, playful, heart centered, confident leadership or ego driven, dictatorial, high and mighty do as I say energy. She asks you to use your intellect, to see both sides of a problem and to work towards a mutually healing conclusion.

But, she won’t take any prisoners, if she is put down in any way her revenge will be fast and furious. Channel Pallas in Leo and be generous and open-hearted and you will reap the rewards.

5th May Full Moon and South Node Eclipse is Scorpio 14 degrees
This is a culmination of your past actions; some things may come to fruition other things may come to an end. This the closing of an energetic portal and is asking you, “What needs to go? What are you purging or transforming? What are you leaving behind so you can make space in your life for something new?

This energy is a bit like a pressure cooker, opposite the Moon in Taurus is the Great Liberator, Uranus (expect the unexpected) the Sun, the Masculine Principle, your identity, Vesta, Goddess of the Sacred Flame, Creatrix of Life, and Mercury, the God of Tricksters and Travellers, the Master Storyteller.

7th May Venus enters Cancer
This is all about your emotions, Venus is the Goddess of Attraction and how you feel about the world, your values, what matters to you, how you approach Love. Cancer the sign of moving water, your emotions. This is a great time express how you feel.

The repression of how you feel is the root of most problems in life, emotions are designed to flow, not to stagnate.
If your life feels static right now, what are you holding back? What emotions are you reluctant or afraid to express?
This transit can be a bit emotional, it will last until 6 th June when Venus moves into Leo, so be aware of how you express your feelings. Ask yourself, “If I heard those words or were on the other side of those actions, how would I

This is not about censorship, far from it, it is about the mode of delivery. Do you want to share how you feel like a speedboat creating a massive wake, or to glide across the surface in a gondola, barely making a ripple but still getting to the other side whilst being serenaded by a handsome Italian? (that might just be me of course!)

9th May Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.
The Sun your identity gets up close and personal with Uranus planet of freedom and liberation. Now is the time to be yourself, no excuses, no saying sorry for your existence, just…be…YOU. Uranus is the ultimate rebel and will turn things on its head, just for the sake of it. Uranus likes surprises so whatever you expect to happen after this transit, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t!

15th May Mercury transits direct 5 degrees Taurus
Taurus works at his own speed, he doesn’t do anything fast, so things may have felt stuck in the mud lately.
People may have been needing more time to complete tasks, to think things through. This is not a bad thing; it creates a solid foundation and plan of action that won’t need changing because the due diligence was done at the beginning. Now Mercury is moving forwards again momentum will begin to build and we can all get out of first gear.

16th May Jupiter enters Taurus
This is one of the most important transits of the year and sets the tone for this area of your life for the next 12 years! No big deal then…

Jupiter in Taurus brings patience, value, beauty, charm and warmth. The house that Taurus rules in your chart is about to be influenced by this super gas giant. Whatever you are building in this part of your chart is about to get some serious welly behind it.

What do you need to believe about yourself in order for this to come to fruition? Jupiter represents growth, expansion, abundance. Taurus represents, material possessions, money, comfort, stability. Jupiter is showing you the practical steps you need to take towards achieving your financial and material goals. How you value yourself will be reflected in what you receive.

Now is the time to re-assess your value system so you can make the most of this transit.

17th May Jupiter Square Pluto
Jupiter expands, Pluto transforms, a square is the Universe digging a finger in your ribs…It is change that is initiated from an external source. Jupiter in Taurus creates desire for material growth, Pluto in Aquarius wants to purge,
transcend and transform for the whole of humanity.

This energy is asking you what you really want. How important is that brand new convertible that has been on your vision board for 2 years? Do you really want the big house with acres of land? It doesn’t mean you can’t have those things, or you shouldn’t desire material possessions, far from it.

This transit is asking you to go deeper into what you really value, what your ultimate goals are. Do you deny yourself material possessions because you have a scarcity mindset or your deserving energy has left the building? Or because you believe spiritual people can’t have financial reward? Or do you use material wealth as a buffer or sticking plaster for emotional pain to compensate for limited self-worth?

This transit is asking you to stop playing small because you are afraid of your own power. How will you use this as a springboard for your future?

19th May New Moon in Taurus 28 degrees
This New Moon is at the apex of a Minor Triangle, in astrology this creates a focal point to manifest the next level of whatever you have been focusing your attention on.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the Zodiac and is asking you to water and feed the “idea seeds” you had at the last two New Moon’s in Aries. How can you be intentional about bringing more nurturing energy into your life?

20th May Mars enters Leo
Mars is the planet of action; Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun. Now is the time to sink down into your heart energy and take action from that place of authenticity and truth. This will give you more confidence and self-belief that you are in the right place and taking action at the right time.

However, we can’t ignore the influence of Pluto who is sitting directly across the wheel. Oppositions create tension within, Pluto is asking you to purge and transform the part of you that has been limiting your leadership energy, keeping you playing small.

Pluto will destroy what is standing in your way, providing that you take the initiative, step forward and in the famous words of Mark Owen from Take That S.H.I.N.E (another earworm for you…)

21st May Sun enters Gemini
Happy Birthday Gemini folks, now is the time to be curious, open your mind, be social, join the dots and share ideas and insights, time to get out in the world and be like the busy bee!


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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