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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide March 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

March 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


Your perception of an event, what you think, feel or believe, your internal wiring, will determine your reality and therefore your response. 

Your energy, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are the lens through which you see and experience the world. 

Change those and March becomes the springboard from which to launch from, rather than the month you ricochet through like the proverbial pinball. 

March is about change, soul growth, deep healing, taking action and moving forward, all planets are moving in a forward trajectory, there are no retrograde planets. 

It is not a month for standing still, the processing of all this change will have to wait until later this year…

Two of the slower moving planets, the ones that bring life-changing transformation change signs, Pluto into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces. These ingresses in themselves are a big deal, without all the other shenanigans going on! 

Usually there are 1 or 2 conjunctions, planets getting up close and personal with each other, in March we have 7!!!

A conjunction is when a new planetary cycle begins, the two (or more) planets dance together in a tight embrace, have a little chat, then skip off around the ballroom until they meet again. 

How much time has elapsed between these meetings depends upon the individual planets and their orbit. 

This is creating very strong initiating, forward moving energy, are you ready to move forward in your life with the planets on your side? 

If you want to make 2023 your year, with me and the Stars and Goddess in your back pocket hit reply to this email and we can explore your best next steps. 

2nd -3rd March Venus Conjunct Jupiter And Chiron 
This transit is all about self-awareness. 

A Venus Jupiter conjunction is usually a bubbly optimistic energy, it happens once a year and can be a great time to tune into your heart (Venus) and attract what you want, your dreams and aspirations (Jupiter). This is a time I would usually suggest for creating a vison board. But not this year because Chiron the wounded healer is joining the party. 

Instead of an intimate tête à tête it’s a threesome that is going to bring up emotional wounding that has been sitting under the surface, waiting to be acknowledged and let go. 

Chiron transits can be feared, the perception that they will be painful and “ouchy” causing your energy system to shrink, which in itself creates more resistance. 

I invite you to view this transit as an opportunity to heal another layer of your relationship (Venus) wound (we all have them) that have created limiting beliefs (Jupiter) about who you are, your identity (Chiron in Aries). 

Be gentle with yourself, notice what bubbles up, your response to other people’s pain and take steps to reclaim who you are, your true identity. 

Stand in your power as a sovereign being with your own dreams, desires, wants and needs. It is time to stop living another person’s life and start living your own. 

2nd March 2023 – Mercury Conjunct Saturn
This is a resolution transit. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas and information. It is a connective energy that joins the dots, taking something from one place and moving it to another. This conjunction is occurring at 29 degrees, in astrology this is considered to be a powerful culmination energy, the energy of endings. 

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, I would invite you to consider what you really feel about endings or finalising things. Is this something you avoid or put off, preferring to hang onto something (relationship, possessions) far longer than is good for you. 

Pay attention to ideas or insights that pop in, you may discover the solution to something that has felt like hard work. 

7th March 2023 – Saturn Enters Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo 
Saturn’s dance into Pisces is one of the big transits of the year. 

Saturn is the strict disciplinarian of the Zodiac, his role is to support you to achieve your goals, to be serious, to be responsible, to reach self-mastery. He will highlight what is not working and show you an alternative. 

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac wheel, imagine it to be a never-ending sea of mysticism, creativity, fantasy and magic, 

It is the space of dreams, possibility, endlessness. 

Saturn will travel through Pisces, transiting the area of your life (chart) influenced by this sign for the next 3 years. 

Moving into Aries on 24th May 2025 until 1st September 2025 when he will dance back into Pisces to tie up loose ends, before finally leaving for good on 13th February 2026. 

Saturn will help you to get serious and to find deeper meaning in this area of your life. Doors will naturally close and other swill open. 

The energy of the transition is powerful which makes it the perfect opportunity to gain clarity on your deepest most expansive dreams. 

I recommend spending time close to water (Pisces is a water sign) listen to a mediative track of waves or moving water and ask for guidance in how you can bring your dreams into real tangible existence so you can lay the groundwork for manifesting your higher purpose. (Pisces). 

7th March 2023 – Full Moon In Virgo
The Moon will wax to Full at 16 degrees Virgo on 7th March. 

Lady Moon will be influenced by both Uranus (trine) and Mars (square). 

Uranus is the Great Liberator and Mars the planet of action, both can bring a feeling of intense high energy. It may feel like you have so many options, possible actions you can take that you just don’t know which one to choose. A bit like a kid in a sweet shop. 

Remember that the Moon will be wearing her common-sense down to earth clothes. Virgo teaches you to be discerning, her highest value and vibration is choice. She wants quality not quantity. I suggest you use this as your yardstick for any decisions you need to make over this transit. 

However, if you do suffer from indecision, this transit can highlight that trait. If you find yourself spiralling into the shadow elements of Virgo energy, obsessive needs for perfection or self-doubt ask yourself what you are really afraid off. 

What is the deepest, darkest fear that underpins your anxiety and excessive worry. Release that fear, under the light of the silvery moon and the multiple choices become possibilities for growth rather than seeds for indecision. 

12th March 2023 – Jupiter Conjunct Chiron
This is perhaps the biggest transit of the year, the one that will act as catalyst for change at a cellular level. 

This energy has been building for the last month, a healing of the collective is on the cards. 

Which is why I will be hosting a Star Goddess Activation Sunday 12th at 7pm (details about how to join coming soon) to connect with the healing vortex that is opening at 14 degrees Aries. 

Jupiter is the teacher and the guide. Jupiter is all about faith, trust, belief, dreams, visions. Jupiter wants consensus, the path of least resistance, he wants you to re-connect with the Source energy of the Universe. 

The way to experience that connection is to heal your Soul Wounds. These are unique to you, but will feel like, vulnerability, exposure, aloneness, separation, abandonment. 

You may be reminded of emotions or experiences that are still held in your energy system. This conjunction will support that resistant energy to rise to the surface into your conscious awareness, in order for you to acknowledge that it hurts and to let it go. 

Things are going to bubble up, they may feel painful, even deeply uncomfortable, you can choose to see this as something to endure, or, as the next level of your soul ascension. 

This is also a great time to find a teacher, guide or mentor. Jupiter is the Teacher of the Zodiac, Chiron the Mentor and Guide to the Gods and all the heroes of Ancient Greece. 

The combination of these two energy streams will be up levelling all teachers and guides, making this the perfect time to be the student or mentee of an energetically aware changemaker and light-bringer. 

You may also feel an inclination to become a teacher yourself, following the path of Chiron and using your Soul Gifts to create a ripple effect of change for the whole of humanity. 

16th March 2023 – Venus Enters Taurus
Venus loves dancing in her Taurean clothes. This is her home sign, she is sensual, joyous, sweet natured, attractive and happy in this outfit. 

Venus is the planet of relationships, over this transit feel into the joy of your relationships. I invite you to recognise and notice the good things in your life, to intentionally expand your heart energy and align to an abundance of love. 

Venus is here to remind all of us, that it really will turn out ok in the end. 

18th March 2023 – Mercury Conjunct Sun and Neptune
This conjunction will occur at 27 degrees in Pisces. The conjunction begins to assert its energy a few days before as speedy Mercury catches up with the Sun and then passes the masculine luminary. Imagine Mercury roaring past the Sun in a speedboat as the Sun bobs leisurely along in a beautifully decorated galleon with the Magician and Dream-Bringer that is Neptune. 

Open your mind and allow your intuition to receive guidance on your next steps for a project or task that you started at the beginning of this latest Mercury cycle back in January. 

19th March 2023 – Mercury Enters Aries
Mercury is moving at his fastest rate over the coming weeks, imagine him with go faster stripes, turbo powered, sprinting through Aries. He will only spend 16 days in this sign. 

Mercury is how you make sense of the world, how you process information, your objective perspective, without emotion, purely based on logic. 

This transit can bring thoughts and downloads at light speed, but it does not bring much time for processing or thinking about what you have experienced over the last few weeks.  

20th March 2023 – Sun Enters Aries
This is the beginning of the New Astrological Year, Happy Zodiac Year to you! 

Masculine and Feminine energy are equal, it is the time of new beginnings, to initiate and start things with the monumental forces of the natural world behind you as you tap into the energy of Spring. 

The Equinox acts as an energetic portal for you to step through, encouraging you to follow your instinct, step out of your comfort zone and “just do it”. 

It is the time to press the reset button, to make a commitment to yourself, to honour yourself as an individual and divine being taking the next step on your Soul Pathway and Soul Ascension. 

21st March 2023 – New Moon In Aries
The energetic portal that opened at the time of the Equinox when the Sun moved into Aries is re-activated and becomes a Double Portal and energy vortex of immense power when the Moon joins the Sun in Aries. 

New Moons are powerful for intention setting and manifesting. This one is off the scale! 

It is the initiating energy of a stellium (lots) of planets in Aries. 

Imagine a stellium as a train that is gaining momentum as it races faster and faster down the track, the power and the outcome of this force determined by the planets involved. 

This stellium is made up of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter and the Goddess of the Sacred Flame, Vesta. 

The New Moon is making an out of sign conjunction with Neptune, who is still in Pisces. 

Imagine La Luna and the New Moon energy as the bridge between life before March 2023 and life after March 2023. 

Neptune is anchoring your dreams and ideas to the New Moon energy.

The Sun gives them a boost of vitality and power, Mercury gives them wings to fly and the energy to seize new opportunities.

Chiron shows you which Soul Gifts you can call upon, Jupiter adds some Luck and Abundance and the Goddess Vesta activates your Inner Sacred Flame, the energy you use to call things through from the divine level into this reality, she is the conduit between the Divine and Humankind. 

You may feel impatient to act now because the New Moon will be square Mars but never fear Pluto is on hand to temper any impulsiveness and to ensure you build on solid foundations, making any New Moon wishes more powerful and potent. 

I will be hosting a Star Goddess Activation to make the most of this energy vortex, details how to join coming soon. 

23rd March 2023 – Pluto Enters Aquarius 
Pluto’s dance into Aquarius is by far the most important transit of this year. 

Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets in our solar system, changing signs every 20 years. 

This means that the energy he beams down is intense, powerful and life-changing because its pressure and activation lasts for a long period of time. 

If you have planets or angles in Aquarius this will be one of the most important transits of your life. 

Pluto likes to give us a taster before launching into full blown purging and transformation energy so he will spend the next 3 months dipping his toe into Aquarian waters before retrograding back into Capricorn before finally taking up residence in Aquarius in November 2024. 

25th March 2023 – Mars Enters Cancer 
Mars has spent a long time in Gemini, 8 months including his retrograde period. 

Mars is not at his most active in Cancer, he does not feel totally comfortable with watery emotion driven Cancer. 

However, he will bring his action, focus and drive to another part of your chart and area of your life. Asking you to take action with your emotional safety in mind. 

28th March 2023 – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Mercury planet of communication meets up with Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth. 

Mercury is whizzing along at the moment and so this transit is short lived, making it a great time to schedule a talk or presentation (Mercury) that delivers and inspirational message (Jupiter) 

Jupiter will expand everything that it touches so be aware of exaggeration, however, sometimes we need Jupiter’s optimism and expansive energy to articulate (Mercury) what you believe in, what you value and is important to you. 

30th March 2023 – Venus Conjunct Uranus
March 2023 ends on a high note with a Venus-Uranus conjunction at 16° Taurus.

This is a repeat of the conjunction that occurred in June 2022. So think back to last year, what was initiated that set you on an exciting new trajectory, do you need a new infusion of love and light to get things moving again?

If so, open your heart to receiving exactly what you need. 


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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