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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide February 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

February 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


If February was a traffic light it would be amber

January was red “on your marks” with Mars and Mercury transiting direct. 

February is “get ready” 

March will be green GO!!! 

March is going to unleash the transformative power of a storm with Saturn entering Pisces, Pluto moving into Aquarius and Chiron and Jupiter clashing in Aries. 

February is the pause before the storm, so use this time to take a breath in preparation for Mad March…

5th February Full Moon in Leo
The Moon will wax to full at 16 degrees Leo. 

Leo energy wants you to shine, to be the best version of you, to be a lighthouse for self-expression and creativity, to stop compromising because of what other people might think of you. 

Uranus the Lightbringer is squaring the Sun and Moon in down to earth Taurus, he wants the truth. 

The Sun in Aquarius wants you to consider your relationship to humanity and other people, the Moon in Leo asks you to be yourself, no matter what. 

Allow the light of this Full Moon to show you where you have been lying to yourself because you are afraid of being cast out of the group or tribe. 

11th February Mercury enters Aquarius 
Mercury has a ball when he swings his Aquarian cloak over his shoulders. Aquarius is an Air sign, it is a connective energy, it represents the internet, electricity and joining the dots. 

Mercury shares similar qualities, communication, awareness curiosity and objectivity. Mercury is the energy that you use to make sense of the world. Mercury is your thoughts and how your mind works. 

The next 3 weeks, whilst Mercury flies through Aquarius will be perfect to complete tasks that use your brain and are connected to communicating. Reading, learning, writing, problem solving, networking or hanging out in groups. 

14th, 15th 16th February Venus Conjuncts Neptune 
The planet of Love and Relationships is joining forces with the planet of Mysticism and Magic at 24 degrees Pisces. 

Neptune is an outer planet, it is Universal level emotions, it contains the energetic imprint of all past and all future emotions. Neptune plugs you into the emotional matrix of the Universe. 

Venus is a personal planet, she represents human level 3D emotions, she is your emotional self, how you relate to the world around you, she is your heart energy. 

Imagine a beam of unconditional love streaming down towards you here on Earth. 

Imagine if your heart could open up and receive all that love

Now imagine following your heart’s eternal wisdom and guidance without it being reined in by fear and lack. Are you ready for your heart to be bathed in Universal Love?

This transit is the perfect time for healing a wounded heart and allowing more love into your life. 

16th February Sun Conjunct Saturn 
In the midst of the love fest that Venus and Neptune are creating, the Sun and Saturn meet at 27 degrees Aquarius. 

Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius, before Uranus was discovered, so he feels at home here. When Saturn is wearing his Aquarian outfit, he beams down the energy of impartiality and logic, his concern is your sustainable future, his highest goal is your mastery and success. 

When the Sun dons his Aquarian cloak he desires freedom, equality, brother and sisterhood. 

Whenever Saturn is involved, he introduces a level of seriousness, he brings things back down to earth and demands you “get real”. 

This energy may, at first, feel like a pin in the balloon of love created by Venus and Neptune in dreamy Pisces, but Saturn and the Sun are offering you the structural support you need to manifest what you want (Venus) along with what the Universe wants (Neptune). 

So what practical, grounded steps will you be taking in order to manifest your heart’s desire? 

What foundational pieces do you need to put in place in order to build your version of eutopia? 

18th February Sun enters Pisces 
Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac Wheel. It marks an ending and a beginning, Pisces is the energy that takes you into the unknown, the energy of endless possibilities. Pisces is the final water sign, the vastness of the oceans, the ebb and flow of life itself. 

As the Sun dons his coat made of the inky blackness of space, adorned with a billion stars, use this time to consider how you feel as you come into this final act of this turn of the astrological wheel. 

What has this cycle meant for you? What are you letting go of and leaving behind? What do you want to take with you into the next level of your Soul Ascension?

Are you ready to receive all that the next turn of the wheel offers you? 

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20th February New Moon in Pisces 
This is a powerful intention setting New Moon because it is happening at 1-degree Pisces. The New Moon will be exact at 7.06am, so make sure you set your New Moon intentions after this time. 

The Moon is throwing on her starlight cloak to match the Sun’s and adding her considerable manifesting and creative energy to the potent mix that has been bubbling up this month. 

Both luminaries are creating an out of sign conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius, they are within 2 degrees of the Lord of Time.

Conjunctions usually mean an intensifying of the energy, the planets involved occupying the same space, with the same desires, wearing the same clothes. 

But, in an out of sign conjunction, they are wearing different clothes. Saturn in Aquarius adds his considerable influence, his serious, logical, objective approach to this dreamy, magic infused New Moon. 

This is no bad thing, in fact Saturn will add weight and gravitas to your dreams and visions. 

Sun and Moon in Pisces creates the expansive wishing energy, Saturn grounds and “lands” it in this reality. Saturn will emphasise the need for you to put the work in.

Manifesting is not just dreaming and visioning, sticking pretty pictures on a piece of paper or writing out a description of your ideal partner or client, lighting a candle, chanting ooom whilst sitting crossed legged and then handing it over the Universe. 

Do all the above and take aligned action, this is Saturn at his best, showing you the actual work, you need to do in order to manifest your heart’s desire.

20th February Venus enters Aries 
Just a few hours after the exact New Moon, Venus will cast aside her dreamy cloak made of starlight and wishes that she wore whilst dancing through Pisces and leap astride her powerful motorbike in her tight black leather trousers demanding instant gratification. I want this and I want it NOW! 

Aries offers a direct and honest approach, when Venus is in Aries, she is bold, present, alive, genuine and open hearted. 

Over this transit be truthful with yourself, if you love marmite own it. If you dislike the latest Instagram influencer that everyone is raving about, own that too. 

Be truthful and genuine with yourself, what are your feelings, values, likes and dislikes? Accept them and stop following what others value because you think you should like the same things as them. 

25th February onwards…Jupiter Chiron Conjunction 
Jupiter is moving closer and closer to the exact Chiron/Jupiter conjunction which will occur on 12th March at 14 degrees. 

In the last week of February Chiron will be at 13 degrees with Jupiter at 11. 

Pay attention to anything that activates feelings of vulnerability during this time. Chiron is your energetic sensitivity, it is your “sore spot”. Jupiter is a magnifying glass; it expands and multiplies whatever it touches. 

This is not the Universe out to get you, to make you hurt, it is to draw your attention to what needs to heal. 

Pay attention when reminders of old pains or past hurts bubble up into your conscious thoughts. 

Such as the teacher at school who crushed your confidence or the best friend who left you out. Or the feelings of rejection or not being good enough or feeling shamed, exposed or ridiculed in front of other people. 

None of this is a bad thing, it is an opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the wounded part of you, so you can finally heal on a Soul Level and activate your Soul Gifts. This is the most healing transit of the year, but only if you are open to the awareness it offers. 

If you refuse to let go of bitterness and resentment, anger, guilt and shame, it will hurt and the person who will be hurt the most, is you

Remember to make the most of February and take time to…just…breathe…


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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