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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide December 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

December 2022 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


December brings a welcome shift in energy after the uncertainty of the eclipse season, the searching and expansion of Sagittarius is grounded in Capricorn energy that invites you to review your priorities and to take action. 

December 4th Neptune Goes Direct 
Neptune is the planet of mystery and magic, it creates veils of intrigue and is connected with everything you can't see. It is meta level emotions, the emotions of the collective consciousness, all emotions from the past and all the possible emotions of the future. 

When Neptune is retrograde things can feel a bit fuzzy around the edges. When Neptune transits an area of your chart it has a dissolving quality, it works in the background, where you cant see the effects until after they have happened. 

Neptune has travelled over this part of your chart before, reversed and taken a second look and  is now tidying up all the leftovers. The veils of mystery are lifting and you can now see what has been happening in the background. Things will begin to make sense. 

December 6th Mercury enters Capricorn
When Mercury travelled through Sagittarius your thoughts turned to the future and you came up with new ideas, now it's time to take those ideas and turn them into action. 

It is goal setting time, to do lists with easy to take steps outlined. It is the time for strategy and joining the dots to land your ideas into reality. 

December 8th Full Moon in Gemini
The Full moon in Gemini is exactly conjunct Mars bringing extreme emotions, anger and passion. Gemini is all about communication so you may find that your communications have  a Mars flavour. Straightforward, assertive, to the point. 

You may feel impatient, a need to state your point of view. 

Neptune is squaring the Full Moon so there may be things that you are not aware of that could influence your emotions and how you respond to people. 

Saturn the Great Teacher is on side to calm things down and bring some discipline to this unruly crowd. 

This will be a great time to get clearer on your next steps to create change in your life and build a sustainable future. 

December 10th Venus Enters Capricorn
Venus is your heart energy, what you value, what you like and don't like, it is the energy you use to relate to people, she is your feelings.  

Venus in Capricorn is about grounding your emotions into reality and becoming more strategic about what you desire. Capricorn brings clarity and definition, so if you have been feeling a bit uncertain about what your priorities are and what you wish to call into your life then Venus in Capricorn will help you to get clear. Along with clarity Venus in Capricorn brings solid manifesting energy, so be careful what you put on your Christmasn list, you just might get it! 

December 20th Jupiter Enters Aries 
Earlier this year Jupiter spent some time in Aries and then retreated back into Pisces. Now Jupiter is staying put and is committed to fulfilling his Aries mission. 

Jupiter in Aries is asking you to be bold and courageous in the area of your life he is transiting. To believe in yourself and take purposeful action. On the 20th and for about a week after, pay close attention to what you are being shown that needs some of Jupiter's magic. Jupiter will wear his Aries cloak until May 2023 so you have time to make the most of this action taking purposeful energy 

December 21st Sun enters Capricorn the Winter Solstice 
This is 0 degrees of a cardinal sign bringing a new sense of direction and forward focused energy. What do you really want for the year ahead? Plan and take strategic action now, lay the foundations for your future and there will be no stopping you. 

December 23rd New Moon in Capricorn 
The action, forward focused energy is revving up even more with the New Moon squaring Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and so the New Moon energy will be especially potent. What are you putting into place? What mountain are you going to climb in 2023? Who will you need by your side to make that journey as effortless and easy as possible? This New Moon is about taking a leap of faith and believing in your ability to get to the top, because you can! 

December 23rd Chiron Goes Direct 
Chiron is the wounded healer, his presence is to support your deepest soul level healing and activation of your soul purpose. He turns direct just once and year and so this change of direction is incredibly important. The beam of light that he directs down to you here on earth is to illuminate something that is personal and deeply transformative. Something that can feel uncomfortable, even troubling. It is an activation of your next level of healing. If you choose to explore this and embrace the insight and healing opportunity on the other side awaits your next level of Soul Ascension and Energy Activation. 

December 29th Mercury Goes Retrograde and Conjuncts Venus 
Mercury is turning retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn, what needs reviewing, reassessing and re-inventing in the area of your life ruled by Capricorn? 

This is not a transit to fear, it is a welcome period of reflection and re-evaluation. Invite Mercury into your life and embrace his much needed presence as a reminder to consider and reflect on your communication and thought processes. 

At the same time that Mercury back tracks, he also kisses Venus. 

This brings the added dimension of a review of your emotional set point. What emotions have you attached to your thoughts? 

Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions create your reality, this is the perfect time to review what they are and decide if the reality they create is the one that you really want. If not, now is the perfect time to identify what needs to change, to rewrite the neurological pathways in your brain and rewire and shift the frequency of your heart waves. 

I am so excited about the potential for this month and what is bubbling up for 2023. There really couldn't be a better month for taking steps towards concrete change and transformation. 


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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