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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide August 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

August 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


This is the most powerful healing and manifesting month of the year. Your Heart and Soul are about to experience an energetic up-levelling whether you like it or not! 

My advice is to view this month as your biggest teacher, it is the chrysalis from which a new and more evolved you will emerge. 

A Venus Starpoint is created, a powerful Portal of Possibility opens on the 8/8 followed by a New Moon in Leo. So many opportunities to call in your True Hearts Desire, but first you have to make space in your life by letting go…

July ended with two planets stationing retrograde, Venus and Chiron. 

Venus is your Heart energy, Chiron your Wounded Soul, the key to unlocking your Soul Gifts. 

Retrograde periods are the Universe sign-posting you to go deep within, to transform pain and darkness into light and possibility. 

August is ruled by The Girls.

Two of the Divine Goddess Archetypes will be front and centre stage, Venus and Lilith. Beside these powerful divine beings will walk the Sun, the masculine principle the ego, the “I” energy. 

Draped across their shoulders are cloaks of golden light, as they dance through Leo the sign ruled by the Sun, the sign that demands you stop playing small and to step into your leadership energy. 

Are you ready to follow the pathway that is unfolding, past your energetic debris and into the light? 

Let’s dive into awesome August and allow the planets to be your guide…

1st August Full Moon in Aquarius 9 degrees

This is a Super Moon, the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth, looming large in the nights sky. This can mean hidden emotions are more evident and visible. 

The Full Moon shows you what has always been there, it does not usher in the “new” like a New Moon, it shines a light on the shadows and illuminates the hidden corners of your heart and soul. 

The Sun is residing in his sign of rulership, Leo. 

This is a proud intensely individual energy, the VIP or leader that is out front, the energy that all eyes follow. 
Lady Moon is wearing her Aquarian clothes, she desires individuality and celebrates differences, the uniqueness of personal self-expression, but she calls for team spirit, to be a cog that interconnects with many different wheels. 

This Full Moon will highlight conflict between your self-expression, being an individual in your own right, alongside the desire to fit in, to be one of the crowd. 

I suggest you take notice of the emotions that bubble to the surface under this lunation. These can be rooted in inner child led desire to not stand out, to be the same as everyone else, to not draw attention to yourself because of a mis-directed fear of the consequences. 

Jupiter will be squaring this transit meanings everything and anything could be blown out of proportion. 

I suggest aligning to epic aha’s and realisations that result in you standing strong and tall in your own light, embracing being a leader AND a team member, you can be both. 

3rd August Pluto 28 degrees in Capricorn square North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra 

This square has been exerting its influence over the last few weeks. 

The Nodes act like a compass, when you get lost or step off your spiritual or physical path, you can use the Nodes as an internal compass to find your way back. 

The North Node is the future, the South Node the past. 

The South Node represents patterns of behaviour, emotional imprints, energetic and genetic memories that you have inherited from previous generations or carried forward from past lives. 

The North Node points towards new opportunities to adjust your soul karma, to step out of a restrictive comfort zone, to align to a new genetic code and energetic signature. 

Pluto is about total transformation, known as the Dark Destroyer he desires Truth and will do anything to get it, Pluto strips things back to basics, discarding the old, whatever has served its purpose. 

Pluto is standing astride the Nodal Axis, one foot in the past, one in the future, he is the bridge, creating an evolutionary leap forward. 

This transit is asking you to consider who you are growing in to.

  • Who do you want to become? 
  • What emotional baggage or generational pattern do you need to let go of? 
  • What will you take with you into your future? 
  • What part of your identity has evolved and risen above shame, guilt and grief? 
  • Are you still following someone else’s goals or desires (that you think are yours)?

Now is the time to discover your Truth and follow your inner compass back to your Soul Pathway 

8th August Venus conjunct Lilith 23 degrees Leo and Lions Gate 

Venus has been invisible in the sky for the last 5 days. She is preparing to disrobe and caste aside her evening dress, her role as an Evening Star is coming to an end. 

She has descended into the Underworld; she will shortly be re-born as a Morning Star and begin a brand-new Venus Cycle. 

But right now, Venus (Heart Energy) is experiencing a dark night of the soul, her energy and light eclipsed by the light of the Sun, the masculine principle.

This is a time of intense transformation, all the heart break, pain, obstacles and layers of resistant energy held in your heart and energy are being exposed. 

But Venus is not alone in the dark, she has the Goddess Black Moon Lilith by her side. 

Lilith in Leo is demanding, she is forceful, she is here to heal shame, guilt, repression and judgement connected to your self-expression. The times when you felt ridiculed for expressing yourself, for playing and having fun, for being too loud, for being too much. 

She is asking you to embrace these traits and to simply be yourself. 

Imagine your Heart Energy cracking open and new light filtering in. These brand-new beams illuminate your life, they show you where you have been playing small, they make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, and you do…

Because this aligns with the once-a-year phenomena that is Lions Gate. 

Sirius the brightest star in our sky rises over the horizon at its closest point to Earth. Sirius is our spiritual central Sun. 

Every year on 8th August Sirius invites you to widen your perspective so you can play in energetic realms that are beyond your current experience. 

Ultimately you are being invited to witness the joy of the re-birth of pure Heart Energy (Venus) and to recognise the essential part you play in the energy of creation as an ever-evolving soul being. 

The coming days are powerful manifesting portals, so be careful what you wish for, make sure it really is your true heart’s desire. 

13th August Venus Conjunct Sun 

A new Venus Starpoint is created as Venus and the Sun merge into one and Venus prepares to ascend as a Morning Star, a new 584-day Venus Cycle begins. 

Imagine this as New Moon, but for your Heart. 

  • What is your true Hearts Desire? 
  • What has been highlighted over the last few weeks? 
  • What has your attention been drawn to? 
  • What have you been shown? 
  • What has been unveiled and displayed before your eyes? 

Imagine Venus preparing to emerge into the light, she is still hidden from our view here on Earth, but she is now dressed as the Maiden, in her Morning Glory. This is a fabulously potent time to create powerful manifesting statements and call in your true heart’s desire. 

16th August New Moon in Leo at 23 degrees conjunct Lilith and Venus 

The New Moon in Leo is bookended by the two Goddess Lilith and Venus and creating an exact square with Uranus, the Great Liberator, planet of Freedom. 

The days leading up to New Moon, the Dark Moon phase can feel deep, emotional and sometimes turbulent, especially with Lilith in the mix. 

Notice how you have been feeling, reflect on the emotions that have been surfacing. 

  • Have you been feeling put upon? 
  • Leo energy is generous and expansive, but have you been over-giving? 
  • Is this pattern rooted in feeling un-loved or a belief that you are not enough? 
  • You have to make up for yourself in some way so you give your time/money/love away in order to fill that open Leo heart? 

Uranus square the New Moon can cause impulsive reactions, commitment and focus can be hard to come by, however Uranus also brings lightning bolt aha’s. 

His energy is showing you where you have been tied down, or have been forced to do something against your will. Uranus craves Freedom and wants it for you too. 

This is a powerful manifesting Moon, activating the Law of Momentum and the expansion in the collective Heart Energy that has been building all month. 

Set your New Moon Intentions after 10.38am to harness this energy. 
I suggest having a theme that connects with the gifts Leo brings. Courage, leadership, sovereignty, pride, passion, generosity and no longer playing small, instead you shine your light as bright as you can! 

23rd August Sun enters Virgo 

Happy Birthday Virgo’s! 

When the Sun moves into Virgo our collective attention shifts from an emphasis on self-expression and self-expansion to answering the question, who and what am I here to serve. 

This can feel like a bit of a comedown after the expansion of Leo.  Leo’s role is to fill you up with fire energy, a feeling that you can achieve anything! 

But we need Virgo otherwise all the self-focus and energy expansion will create selfishness, losing touch with reality, we become too big for the world we inhabit. 

Virgo is a much-needed filter that channels, filters and creates manageable and sustainable ways to use all the energy, passion and drive offered by Leo.

I personally thank God for Virgo energy every single day in the form of susansentfromheaven (my fabulous Virgo VA).

23rd August Mercury retrograde 21 degrees Virgo 

Mercury will spend the whole of the retrograde period in Virgo transiting direct on 15 September at 8 degrees. 

Retrogrades are time periods in which to reflect, review, redo anything that isn’t quite how you would want it to be. 

Mercury rules Virgo, use this time to tweak any area of your life that could be improved by a fresh perspective, imagine injecting it with some extra spice. 

Mercury in Virgo can be overly critical, so watch out for negative spiralling thought patterns, falling into the trap of over analysing. This could cause you to let opportunities pass you by because you are still trying to make up your mind. 

27th August Mars enters Libra 

Mars is the planet of drive, passion, courage and direct action.

Libra is the sign of grace, innovation, beauty, harmony, balance and the consideration of others. 

Instead of pushing through with his usual fury and passion, Mars is slowing down. This is a time to plan ahead, to employ a more strategic approach, to create alliances, to strengthen existing ones and to ask for support so you can reach your goals with ease and grace. 


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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