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Monthly Planet & Astrology Guide April 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup

April 2023 - Planets and Astrology Roundup


April is offering a pause, space to draw a breath, some welcome relief to the turbulence and change that Mad March delivered. April is about optimism and celebration, you survived March, in the famous words of the 80’s pop song, “The only way is up!”

The Jupiter and Chiron conjunction on the 12th asked you to consider who you are and what you are doing here. In the weeks leading up to this once in a lifetime conjunction energetic “ouchy-ness” were activated, feeling sensitive and triggered became the norm.

As Jupiter pulls away from Chiron, the wounded healer, the pain can evolve and become the gift, you are being invited to feel into the possibilities that await on the other side, what skills and resources have you developed because you felt wounded? What are you celebrating about your resilience and ability to carry on living life despite being hurt?

The ladies inside my Soul Healing Energy Immersion who have been intentionally healing their unique Chiron wound have been offered new work roles that that neatly fit their natural talents, healed toxic family relationships, no more triggering get-together and emotional sew sawing. Embraced their true worth, no longer putting up with abusive and corrosive partnerships.

March carried the signature of “it’s time for change”…

April embeds those changes, until the end of the month when we enter eclipse season and Mercury does an about face when he turns retrograde.

Throughout April we cannot forget the influence of Pluto, he is sitting at 0 degrees Aquarius and will interact in some shape or form with every planet that enters or leaves a sign over the coming month. He will consistently ask you to consider the whole of humanity on a practical and energetic form, the matrix of energy that surrounds all of us is being activated.

So let’s dive into the detail…

3rd April Mercury enters Taurus
Mercury is the story-teller, the agent of information, he is a connective energy, that is neither masculine or feminine. He is androgenous.

He has leapt off his racing motor bike and is asking you to be more considered, to think in a more slow, deliberate way. In Aries the thought seeds were planted. In Taurus they are germinating, ask yourself, “What and where do I have to concentrate my attention with a longer view of my security in mind?”

Of the ideas that you have had, which ones do you nurture and grow and which ones do you set aside for another time?

5th April Full Moon in Libra and Sun Conjunct Chiron
These two transits could bring heightened emotion alongside personal empowerment.

Full Moon is the time of culmination, Libra is the sign of relationships. Think back to September 2022, the time of the New Moon in Libra, what was bubbling up out of the darkness? What was coming into the light of the day?

Under the light of this Full Moon, you are being invited to be considerate of the emotions and feelings of others.

Put yourself in their shoes, how do they feel? What is at the root of their behavior? As much as it may be annoying and triggering for you, pushing your buttons, theirs are being pushed too.

What are you afraid off? Could they be afraid of the same thing?

This transit is teaching you to give a little. The Sun is in Aries the energy of the headstrong leader that does it their way, The Moon in Libra is wearing her cloak of justice and fairness, asking you to explore the common ground in all your relationships so everyone can move forward.

The Sun Chiron conjunction that happens in the hours just before the exact Full Moon at 5.34am is a re-activation of the themes of the Jupiter Chiron conjunction on March 12th.

The Sun is the masculine principle, the central spirit energy. He is asking you to step into your super-power, to recognize your resilience as a survivor of pain and trauma. The Sun is saying, isn’t it great that you know you are wounded, it is no longer hidden. It is not a dirty secret, something to be ashamed off.

Where can you rise above your wounding?

It is time to let go of the story of the wronged, unloved, unwanted, not good enough child so you can embrace and celebrate your survival, resilience and loving heart.

In doing so, you can show others how to rise above their own pain, trials and tribulations. Resulting in a win win for everyone, Libra Moon will be very happy!

11th April Venus enters Gemini Sun Conjunct Jupiter
This is said to be the luckiest day of the year, every year the Sun meets Jupiter in the heavens. The Sun, the guiding force the central spirit energy that everything revolves around dances with Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, beliefs, luck and abundance.

This year it is happening in Aries and so is an activation of who you are at a core level. Time to recognise how amazing you are, to be optimistic about the future.

This is a great time to connect with your inner wisdom, your own central sun. You can do this whilst meditating, walking, showering, cloud or flame gazing, whoever you chose that allows you to get out of your own way.

Ask to be shown the new way forward, what needs to change within you so you can open up to expansion and growth? What beliefs need to change about yourself or how you see the world?

Venus enters Gemini and opens you up to create connections with important people and information that will support you to bring more value and meaning to the world.

She will be dancing through Gemini until 7th May so make the most of this transit to network and open up to ideas that have a dual nature.

Be curious, but hold the energy that whatever you do has to have a win for humanity as a whole.

If you do this, you will have the support of the Karmic Benefactor, Pluto on your side as he watches what is going on with a great-grandfatherly supportive energy.

20th April New Moon in Aries 5.12am Solar Eclipse 5.16am and New Moon Aries 5.12am
This is the second New Moon in Aries this year making it super powerful.

The Portal that opened at the time of the last New Moon, coinciding with the Spring Equinox is being re-activated.

The New Moon is happening at 29 degrees Aries. The Universe is pushing the changes through, if you haven’t already leaped, then you may well be given another shove!

It may feel overwhelming as if you are being pushed off a cliff. Rather than thinking what if I fall, consider the question, what if I fly???

It is a North Node Eclipse, taking you into your future, asking you to step into your true identity. Pluto is squaring this energy, he is not letting you off the hook, time to be you, so you can make the difference you are here to make for the whole of humanity.

21st April Sun enters Taurus Mercury goes Retrograde 15 degrees Taurus
Just a day after the New Moon and Eclipse the Sun enters sustaining, stabilizing Taurus energy.

With his Taurus cloak around his shoulders the Sun is careful, intentional, taking the correct and defined steps, he wants comfort and to feel safe and secure.

When in Taurus the Sun does not jump into the deep end of the pool, as he would have done whilst wearing his Aries speedos. In Taurus he goes down the steps little by little, gradually becoming acclimatized to the water before gliding gently into a graceful breaststroke that gets the job done without making too many waves, no diving bombing under this transit.

Mercury retrograde is a gift from the heavens, he will complete his about face at the side of the Moon. The Queen of the Heavens is holding his hand as he asks you to re-think how you sustain, nurture and look after your own safety and security. What resources do you have that can support you to look after you? Is it your courage? Your resilience? Your sense of humor that you rely upon?

As Mercury moves backwards in the sky for the next 3 weeks use this time to look at what you own, your possessions, your money and ask yourself if you need all the “stuff” and could it be put to better use somewhere else?

25th April Sun conjunct North Node 4 degrees Taurus
The North Node is future karma the South Node the past. This transit will ask you to consider again where you are going. This can be a time of divine messages, the spotlight is shone on your future pathway, are you staying in your comfort zone or daring to step outside your safety net?

When you recognise your true value and exercise your self-worth muscle you will discover an inner strength that you never knew you had.


I hope you enjoy my month by month guide to what is happening in the heavens and how this can affect us, here on planet earth.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me here 
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